Current Residents

Rosie (female cow)

At just 2 days old, Rosie was abandoned in a field because she was “not good enough” and left all alone to die. Thanks to an amazing compassionate human, Rosie was rescued and given a second chance at life. After fostering her for 8 weeks, Rosie’s rescuer contacted Long Island Farm Sanctuary (LIFS). LIFS accepted the request with open arms and offered a lifetime home for her where she would live a beautiful, happy, safe, and healthy life full of so much love.

Now that Rosie is home with us at Long Island Farm Sanctuary, we are asking for your help. Rosie needs a new enclosure of her own (she is currently sharing an enclosure with one of our rescued pigs). Your donations will help us purchase fence posts, fencing, and a new cozy shelter. Rosie needs us to all come together to build her the home she truly deserves.

Please donate for Rosie’s food and care.

Follow Rosie on Instagram @rosie_lifs

Millie (female potbellied pig)

Millie was LIFS’s first rescue in July 2018.  She was born 2/23/2016.  Millie was in a loving home but the several dogs at that residence were not treating her kindly.  She was getting picked on, beat up and bullied by the dogs. It was a heartbreaking decision for the previous owners to give her up, but they knew it was the best for Millie.  When LIFS came to rescue, Millie was shy, defensive and wounded and it took months of loving reassurance, but Millie has begun to trust and open up.  She loves running around in her pen, playing with her hay and in her little pool. Millie gets plenty of love and treats and has put on weight too.  You can follow her on Instagram:   @millie_lifs_bear or at @lifarmsanctuary

Please donate for Millie’s food and care.

Johnny Snow (male rabbit)

Johnny (and Marshmallow) were rescued in August 2018 by our VP Jess. LIFS received a call from local residents that 2 white rabbits were running around a wooded area in Roosevelt, NY. Jess jumped to action, caught and rescued the two abandoned bunnies.  They were about 2 months old at that time.

Both boys were brought in to the vet who said they most probably were lab bunnies. They both have lateral scars on their sides (due to experiments and testing) They both had ticks and were thin, but otherwise were in good health. LIFS has paid for their medical expenses and they have both been on the road to recovery.

Jess is fostering Johnny and showering him with love, attention and treats. Johnny is like a dog, he follows his human family around the house and jumps up on the couch to cuddle ❤️🐰

You can follow him on Instagram:    @lifarmsanctuary

Please donate to Johnny’s food and care.

Marshmallow (male rabbit)

Marshmallow was rescued in August 2018 (along with Johnny) by our VP Jess. (Story above). David, our President, is fostering Marshmallow.  ❤️🐰 Marsh usually snuggles right up to everyone & takes a nap!  He loves kids and any greens! Since his rescue, Marsh has been lovingly spoiled, has put on weight and is doing great. He loves people (and other animals too)!!!🌱 He even chases and plays with Dave’s cats (although the cats don’t know what to make of him). As long as it it not raining out Marsh runs and eats outside twice a day with his buddy Linnie! You can follow him (and his buddy Linnie) on Instagram:    @Linnie_lifs_Marsh or at @lifarmsanctuary.

Please donate to Marshmallow’s food and care.

Linnie (female guinea pig)

Linnie was rescued in October.  Her age is unknown. She was accidentally left behind in a school in Brooklyn when school ended in June.  The teacher left the school district and the janitor found Linnie.   A concerned parent took Linnie in for a few months but her puppy didn’t like Linnie and didn’t get along with her. David, our President, is fostering Linnie. She is super chill. She loves being held and groomed and is very vocal. She loves the occasional bath too.  She hangs out with her buddy Marsh in the outdoor pen.

You can follow her (and her buddy Marsh) on Instagram: @Linnie_lifs_Marsh or at @lifarmsanctuary

Please donate to Linnie’s food and care.

Bear (male potbellied pig)

Bear was born 3/30/2016. He is originally from New Jersey. He weighs about 75 pounds and is a ”teacup” piggy (breeders will say anything – there is no such size.) He loves belly rubs and plays and sprints in open areas. Loves to run around. Favorite foods are cheerios, carrots and apples. He wants alot of attention and loves clean blankets and laying on the his favorite bed. Bear is a true gentleman.

You can follow her on Instagram:   @millie_lifs_bear or at @lifarmsanctuary

Please donate for Bear’s food and care.


Shawn (male Muscovy)

He’s a large Muscovy duck who was dumped on a dead end side street between a landscaping company, an auto body shop, and woods. Muscovies are domestic ducks, so this is a crime.

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